ServiceWorks - powered by Education is Freedom in partnership with AmeriCorps, the Citi Foundation, and Points of Light- is a groundbreaking, national program that engages 16-24 year olds in an employability training program that provides professional development, networking, and project management skills. Volunteering is associated with an increased likelihood of finding employment, making it an integral part of the program and a crucial aspect of establishing financial stability. Through volunteer leadership, skills training and mentoring programs, promising young people are learning critical 21st century workplace skills, building their network of connections to the community and developing leadership skills. ServiceWorks is currently being implemented at A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School, Justin F. Kimball High School, Lincoln High School and South Oak Cliff High School.

Evidence of Impact:

ServiceWorks served 316 service scholars where 93% submitted a college application and 60% completed the FAFSA. Together we completed 1,952 community service hours while engaging an additional 67 community volunteers.


Get Involved

There are a range of ways for volunteers to support ServiceWorks. Whether you have just a day or a few hours, you can help empower Service Scholars to articulate a vision for their futures, take steps to accomplish their goals and leverage their networks to overcome any obstacles they may be facing in reaching their goals.

Become a Skill Building Trainer

Skill Building trainers lead group workshops with Service Scholars. You can commit to

  1. Leading all five Core Skill Building Workshops
  2. Leading one or more of the 5 Core Skill Building Workshops or
  3. Leading one or more Supplemental Skill Building Workshops (Like resume writing, essay writing, or financial aid)

Time Commitment: Skill Building trainers typically dedicate 3-4 hours per Skill Building Workshop they lead. This includes preparation (1-3 hours) and delivering the workshop (30mins-1 hour) to Service Scholars

Become a Success Coach

Success Coaches volunteer to serve as a one-on-one or small group (about 4 scholars) coach who assist Service Scholars with developing a college and career success plan and serve as accountability partners as the Service Scholars work to achieve their goals within the plan.

Time Commitment: Success Coaches commit to attending an online or in-person training session, working with their designated Service Scholar(s) for the duration of the program, check-in frequently with Service Scholars and complete necessary reporting.

For more information, please contact us at

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