The Education is Freedom (EIF) Middle School program is designed to foster post-secondary awareness and consideration among students and their families. By designing and implementing a tailored, hands-on, real-world curriculum, EIF:

  • equips students for the transition to high school. Helping to decrease drop-out rates in the 9th grade.
  • mentors students and families through customized curriculum tailored to meet the Texas Essential Knowledge Skills requirements.
  • provides students with the guidance needed to enroll in appropriate high school courses/ HB5 endorsements.
  • recognizes students for their exemplary academic achievements.

Core Component

Student and Family Advising

Supporting Components

  • HB5 Focus ( Naviance, College Visits, College Fair)
  • Specialized Curriculum
  • Experiential learning Opportunities
  • School Based mentoring
  • Test Prep
  • Academic Recognition

The Education is Freedom (EIF) High School program is designed to change lives by increasing the number of underserved youth in Dallas who graduate high school and pursue a higher education, join the military or enter into the workforce. Since its inception, an average of 89% of EIF seniors have graduated from high school and 72% of them have enrolled in college.

EIF oers the most comprehensive college planning program for underserved students in Dallas through a dedicated team of school-based experts. Our services include:

  • Post secondary services beginning in the ninth grade. 2 and 4 year colleges, career schools and military
  • Student workforce development workshops
  • Parental engagement workshops
  • PSAT/SAT/ACT/TSI registration and preparation
  • Post secondary enrollment assistance/college integration activities
  • Financial aid assistance
  • Experiential learning activities
On-Site Education Persistence Coordinator Remote Education Persistence Coordinator
Pilot: 2015-2016
  • University of North Texas
  • Texas A&M Commerce
  • University of North Texas at Dallas
  • University of Texas at Arlington
  • Criswell College
  • Clark Atlanta University
  • Prairle View A&M University
  • Brandeis University
  • University of Texas of Austin
  • Stephen F. Austin
  • Texas Christian University
  • Texas A&M University at Commerce
  • University of North Texas at Denton
  • Southern Methodist University
  • On-site advisor
  • Dedicated "help" phone line
  • Student resource support
  • Professional development workshops
  • Social media communications
  • Scholarship support
  • Remote advisor
  • Dedicated "help" phone line & e-mail
  • Student resource support
  • Professional development
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Social media communications

EIF's College Persistence Program Connects students with individuals and services at their local ins1tu1on, and provides one-on-one support from a dedicated College Persistence Coordinator (On-site or remote). EIF seeks to reduce or eliminate many of the hurdles students face once they arrive on the new campus, con1nuing to provide services through their sophomore year to solidify their poten1al for success in higher education.


The Education is Freedom Workforce Development Program address the lifeskills students will need in order to be successful in college and careers. With an emphasis on professionalism, collaboration, etiquette, leadership, teamwork, communication, business software and practical life skills, our career readiness workshops address topics that are frequently omitted from the high school and middle school curriculum and yet are essential for the transition to the workforce. Regardless of whether students attend a college or university, enlist in the military, or transition to career and technical education programs, the EIF career readiness workshops educate students on the expectations of the 21st century workplace.

Our clients have the ability to create their own customize training plan for their students or interns. Our curriculum provides a unique blend of hands on activities, relevant, research-based education and advice from industry professionals which has proven to keep students engaged in learning. Upon completion, students will be equipped with the foundational and applied workplace skills.


An EIF mobile unit, lled with computer technology, internet capabili1es, and expert advisors, will travel communites to give students, parents, and community members the opportunity to complete postsecondary and nancial aid applicatons, create resumes, explore careers, register for the ACT/SAT, and receive answers to their postsecondary educaton questons and concerns.

By making EIF services more convenient and accessible to the public, EIF will expand its reach and serve more students across a larger geographic area. Expanding EIF with the Mobile EIF initative has the potential to evolve into an enduring national campaign. Taking EIF on the road promotes higher educa1on in North Texas and will give EIF the opportunity to assist students in lower income communities who may otherwise lack access to the types of resources that EIF provides.

4138 Families Touched
Over 50 locations in 10 cities

The Mayor’s Intern Fellows Program (MIFP) is an eight-week, paid summer internship program designed and implemented by Education is Freedom. MIFP introduces Dallas public high school students to careers and employment opportunities in industries and companies where they have expressed interest. Modeled after the prestigious White House Fellows, MIFP prepares motivated students to become the leaders of tomorrow.

In 2012, the Mayor's Intern Fellows Program continued with the induction of Mayor Mike Rawlings. Mayor Rawlings quickly adopted the program, as it perfectly aligned with his vision for both education and economic growth in the City of Dallas. To provide as many opportunities for students in the City of Dallas, Mayor Rawlings expanded the program to include all Dallas public and charter schools. Under his leadership, the Mayor's Intern Fellows Program is serving most students and companies in program history with 350 internships, 40 participating schools and 218 companies and non-prots. Mayor Rawlings' goal is to continue to provide more opportunities for scholars to gain valuable hands-on experiences that can ultimately prepare the future workforce for the City of Dallas.

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