Over the past 5 years, we've had over 300 volunteers who have supported our EIF students and families.

Give Time

Your time and expertise are invaluable

Whether you choose to work behind the scenes or directly with students, your gifts of time and talent help spark imaginations and change lives.

Group Volunteering

Got a group that wants to make a difference? We offer many opportunities to get involved as a group including special events,small student group mentoring,field trips or other activities.


Volunteer Time With Students

We've got plenty of options to fit your schedule. First fill out the volunteer application, then decide how you'd like to help based on your available time and expertise.


Math, Science, English, and more. Lend your knowledge and expertise by volunteering to tutor high school students. Regular sessions are held after school for 2 hours in the EIF office at each school. Choose your subject, grade level and school.

(2 hours per session, 3 session minimum)

Event Volunteer

From college tours to field trips, EIF students are going places. As an Event Volunteer, you will be responsible for assisting staff, answering questions and monitoring students during essay jam sessions, field trips, or other activities. Most outings are day trips.

(1 - 2 hours per event)

One on One Mentoring

Requiring the highest level of commitment, this is a one-on-one relationship. As a mentor you will be asked to listen, provide academic and career support, and spend at least 2 hours every other week with your student

(1 hour weekly throughout the school year)

Volunteer Behind the Scenes

You don't have to work directly with the students to be a volunteer. We need background support, too!

Event Volunteer

From Academic Celebrations to orientation meetings, our calendar is full of events. As an Event Volunteer, you may be called on to make phone calls, pick up refreshments, or help with setup and cleanup.

(3 hours per event)

Edit Essays

Volunteer a few hours from home. As an Essay Editor, you will be responsible for reviewing college entrance essays, editing for grammar and content flow. You don't have to be a professional writer or editor, but a basic understanding of grammar, spelling and editing is required.

(2 - 3 hours per month)

Staff Supporter

We can always use help in the office. As a Staff Supporter you can help answer phones, make calls, stuff envelopes or send out press releases.

(4 or 8 hours weekly throughout the school year)

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