The Workforce Readiness Curriculum was created by EIF to facilitate personal and professional development. EIF offers research-based interactive workshops promoting character development, life skills, and knowledge about careers and higher education to students on their campuses. Workshops address issues that prevent students from succeeding, help students develop strategies for studying and test taking, allow students to increase their postsecondary education related knowledge, aid students in developing professional attitudes and behaviors, and stress the importance of communication skills. We are in the process of transitioning the Workforce Readiness Curriculum to an online, interactive format that would allow students more opportunities to complete the workshops.

Initially a short training program created as part of the Mayor’s Intern Fellows program, Workforce Readiness workshops address the life skills students will need in order to be successful in college and careers. With an emphasis on professionalism, collaboration, etiquette, communication, and practical life skills, Workforce Readiness workshops address topics that are frequently omitted from high school and middle school curriculum and yet are essential for the transition to the workforce. Regardless of whether students attend a 4-year institution after high school, enlist in the military, or transition to career and technical education programs, Workforce Readiness workshops educate them on the expectations of the 21st century workplace.

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